Nathalie has been dancing since the age of 7, having trained in Ballet, Tap and Modern.

Whilst taking a more academic route, Nathalie started salsa dancing in 1999, having fallen in love with the music of Buena Vista Social Club.

During her university years, Nathalie then worked for a Brazilian Dance Company, training and performing in salsa, lambada and carnival samba.

She then trained to teach salsa in 2004 and soon became very successful in Cardiff and the surrounding areas, teaching at various venues, including bars and clubs, fitness centres, schools, community centres and social clubs.

Having taught Ballet and Tap from the very young age of 15, and also being a qualified as a Fitness/Aerobics Instructor since 1994, Nathalie is a very confident and competent teacher. Her classes concentrate on flowing, non choreographed moves and due to being able to teach and dance both the lead and the follower in salsa, Nathalie can offer advice to and dance with both the guys and the girls!

Nathalie has a very friendly and warm approach to her classes and students and breaks moves down clearly and carefully, whilst still making sure to inject a lot of fun and laughter into her classes.

Nathalie is currently teaching in the North Hampshire and Berkshire areas and is also available in any area for workshops and demos (in both salsa and bachata)

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